Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Silver Grey
4pcs set
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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Parties and get together with families and friends will never be complete without a bottle of wine. Wine opening can sometimes be tricky, and a little messy. Bottle opening has never been easier with this Electric Wine Bottle Opener. 

Be the star of the party with the Electric Wine Bottle Opener!

It is easy to use.

The Electric Wine Bottle Opener removes a wine bottle cork with a simple push of a button. Wine bottle opening has never been so effortless. It features a transparent corkscrew shell, so the cork removal process is completely visible. Never worry about broken corks ever again, and de-cork any wine bottle like a professional waiter.

Pop off corks quickly.

Gone are the days of slowly twisting off wine corks. You can now enjoy a bottle of your vintage wines in seconds. The Electric Wine Bottle Opener also allows for a mess free bottle opening, so your evening gown or your business suit is safe from wine stains.

It is cordless.

This Electric Wine Bottle Opener is cordless and powered by batteries, so you can take it anywhere. Be the star of your office party and open your wine bottles with a flourish. It is so easy to use, opening 50 bottles will be easy and effortless.

It looks sleek and elegant.

Look good while opening wine bottles. The Electric Wine Bottle Opener has a sleek modern design, and will blend in at any formal events and parties. 

Open wine bottles without the hassle. Order the Electric Wine Bottle Opener today!



  • Easy to use.
  • Pops corks in seconds.
  • Cordless, so you can use it everywhere.
  • Elegant and sleek look.
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