Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

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Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

Wine is a staple in every gathering, from a quiet dinner for two to a fun family supper. Great food and great conversations are best shared over wine. Opening a wine bottle, however, is a different thing. If done wrong, it can be messy – with broken corks, cork bits floating in your wine – and worse, wine on your clothes.

Open your wine bottle effortlessly.

Say goodbye to flimsy and messy opening of wine bottles with the Amazingly Simple Wine Opener. How this revolutionary wine opener does the job is simply amazing. It pierces the cork with a needle. All you need to do is apply a few easy pumps of air pressure, and the cork magically comes off the wine bottle.

It is perfect for those suffering Arthritis.

Arthritis can be literally a pain, and it can make opening a bottle of wine painful. With the Amazingly Simple Wine Opener, you can enjoy a bottle of wine minus the fuss and the pain.

You can use it with every wine size in the market.

The Amazingly Simple Wine Opener is compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles. Whether you are opening a split, a half-bottle or a magnum, the Amazingly Simple Wine Opener can do the job perfectly.

It comes with a blade foil cutter.

The Amazingly Simple Wine Opener comes with a durable blade foil cutter which removes the foil top from your wine bottle easily and neatly.

It is perfect for use at home, at restaurants, and at bars. It is a wonderful gift that you can give to your wine lover friends. Get your Amazingly Simple Wine Opener today!



  • Opens your wine bottle easily.
  • Compatible with all wine bottle sizes.
  • Mess-free and fuss-free, perfect for people suffering from arthritis.
  • Cuts through the foil top neatly.
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