Easy Frame

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Easy Frame

Hanging those framed and prized pictures is a fun family activity that can easily go wrong. Imagine pictures that are not aligned properly and look haphazard.

With the picture hanging tool, hang those frames quickly and easily. The level and ruler helps you make sure that they are aligned and evenly placed and spaced. You can have a beautiful wall of memories with the Picture Hanging Tool.

Picture perfect hanging is now a reality.

With the Picture Hanging Tool, you can now hang all those pictures right. You can do it right for the first time, and by just drilling a single hole in your wall. Each frame will be perfectly placed, no matter the size of the picture. Create the picture perfect wall with the Picture Hanging Tool.

It is an all-in-one tool.

The Picture Hanging Tool comes with a built-in ruler, built-in level, and built-in wall marker, all to make your picture hanging task easier. These features help ensure that your pictures are aligned and straight. The built-in marker allows you to subtly mark your walls without ruining it, so you will know where to hang your picture.

It is lightweight and easy to use.

The Picture Hanging Tool is lightweight, so anyone can use it. It won’t weigh down in your hands while you work. It works with any frame hanging layout, and with any hanging hardware. It saves you time, energy, and money. You can now even hang pictures, all on your own with the Picture Hanging Tool!

Do without the stress and frustration. Hang those picture perfectly with the Picture Hanging Tool. Get yours today.



  • Hang pictures fast and easy.
  • Position those pictures perfectly.
  • You can use it with frames, mirrors, and shelves.
  • Comes with built in ruler and level.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.