Egg Cooker

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Peeling hard-boiled eggs has never been anyone’s favorite chore. It can be a painstaking process, especially if you are not good with handling items that can easily break. Usually, peeling hard-boiled eggs can be messy, and broken shells sometimes end up going to your food items.

Well, with the introduction of Eggies, your worries about scattered shells in your food and on the floor will be no more! Now, you can enjoy your hard-boiled eggs without thinking too hard about messy shell remnants or cracked hard-boiled eggs!

Why You Should Add Eggies on Your Food Preparation Process

You may not realize it, but adding Eggies to your food preparation process will make it faster and easier. All you need to do is crack the egg, put the contents inside the container, and close the top of the Eggies. Afterwards, you boil the egg on your stove top, wait until it is fully cooked, and twist the Eggies open once you’re done.

Start Preparing Your Eggs Easily with Eggies

What are you waiting for? Purchase Eggies now for a much faster and smoother hard-boiling process. With Eggies, you will be able to fully enjoy your eggs without the added hassle of thinking about scattered shells and broken eggs. Meal preparation has never been better with Eggies!



  • High quality egg white separator that lasts for years.
  • Its non-stick interior offers easy cleaning.
  • It produces flat-bottomed eggs for easier decorating.
  • It’s a sweat-free, easy-to-use container, with no complicated instructions.