Premium Bag Sealer

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Premium Bag Sealer

Premium Bag Sealer is great for sealing leftover food and snacks. It prevents bacteria buildup and keeps your food fresh for days.


When leftover food goes stale and rancid, it automatically goes to the trash bin. With a Premium Bag Sealer always on hand, you will never have to waste food again.


Why Choose the Premium Bag Sealer

Create an airtight seal. This Premium Bag Sealer creates an airtight seal within seconds. No matter what type of plastic bag you use, the sealer will lock in all that juicy goodness.


Easy to use. Preheat the mini sealer by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. When the sealer is ready, slide it along the edge of the bag to seal in the flavors. After using, pull up the top cap to prevent accidentally activation of the sealer.


Portable and versatile. This Premium Bag Sealer is so small – measuring only 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. You can store one in your kitchen cabinet or office desk, or bring it with you when you go camping or swimming.


Made of food-grade material. Walfos® heat sealers are made of food-grade material and not some cheap rubber or TPR material. They are safe, odorless, and easy to clean. The ABS body is highly resistant to high and low temperatures. It is durable and nontoxic.


Magnetic base. Under the heat sealer are strong magnets that create a strong connection with the door of your refrigerator. This way you can easily access the heat sealer when you need it.

Buy the Premium Bag Sealer today and waste food no more!


  • You can seal food in any type of plastic bag in an instant
  • Made of food-grade plastic to ensure safety
  • Magnetic base makes it easy to access the sealer right from your fridge door
  • Choose from 6 colors – white, yellow, beige, purple, blue, pink – to match your kitchen