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Nylon Silicon Knee Sleeve

The knee joints are one of the most abused body parts during physical and support activities. Every run, climb, twist, and turn takes its toll on your knee joints. 

Your knee joints deserve all the protection it can get, so you can stay active. Our premium nylon silicon knee sleeves provide professional and effective knee support. It is specifically designed for sports and physical activities such as weightlifting, hiking, running, cross fit, and so much more.

It helps prevent knee injuries.

In any physical activities, accidents and injuries can be avoided; however, taking extra precautions can help in preventing serious and damaging injuries. The knee sleeves’ neoprene materials keep your knees warm, effectively lubricating your joints to avoid injuries.

It aids in the recovery of injured knees.

Our Nylon Silicon Knee Sleeves also aid in the recovery of an injured knee. It provides protection and helps rehabilitate your knee joint and muscles.

It is exceptionally comfortable.

Your comfort is at the top of our minds when we designed our knee sleeves. Its contoured shape gives you maximum comfort and prevents slippage, allowing you to move freely.

It is durable and will last you a long time.

Our Nylon Silicon Knee Sleeve is made of premium and quality materials, so you are assured of its durability. Stitched and constructed based on the highest standards, our knee sleeve will surely last you for a long time.

Stay active and stay protected at the same time. Get your own Nylon Silicon Knee Sleeves and move freely without any worries.


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  • Suitable for all sports activities
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Provides support and compression during sports activities
  • Comfortable and durable 


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