Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper

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Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper – All Size Dogs and Cats

Groom your pets effortlessly and painlessly with the Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper! This innovative and revolutionary tool is the perfect nail trimmer for dogs, cats and other house pets. Designed to be easy to use and painless, you won’t have to worry about causing your pets any pain and distress.


Pet-Friendly and Functional Design

This nail clipper is designed to seamlessly trim the nails of your pet. The Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper comes with several emery filing wheels that precisely and gently removes thin layers of nail. This is a better and safer alternative to manually clipping nails, which can slip and bite too close to your pet’s skin and paws.

What Makes the Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper a Must Buy

The Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper is also appropriate for dogs and cats of any age or size. It’s the perfect device for dogs and cats with tender feet and also for pets who are afraid of manual nail clippers.


Because of its precision emery filing wheel, you also don’t have to wait for your pet’s nail to grow long. It can be applied to a variety of nail lengths.

Buy a Nail Clipper for your Fur-Baby Today!

The Painless Electric Pet Claw Clipper also has a no-mess design that makes it great for both you and your pet. A unique protective cap fits onto the body of the nail trimmer, collecting the nail trimmings in place. You don’t have to trouble yourself over stray nail trimmings.

This pen-sized trimming tool has a good grip and is easy to use. It can also be conveniently recharged and powered with 2 x AA batteries. So what are you waiting for? Order today!


  • Groom your pets painlessly and effortlessly
  • Comes with a precision emery filing wheel so you can gently trim any nail length
  • Safer and easier than manual nail clippers
  • Perfect for all pets and all pet sizes
  • Easy to use and clean