Pet Hair Brush Gloves


Pet Hair Brush Gloves

Get to groom, pet and stoke your pet with better and neater results with a pair of the Pet Hair Brush Gloves! Pet Hair Brush Gloves are an innovative and convenient way to comb out pets. You can stop struggling with an unruly comb and start grooming with your hands and fingernails clean.

Incredible Design Ideal for Grooming

The design of the gloves makes grooming easy and effortless. The special soft brush texture of the glove surfaces help collect hair and massage for pets, removing the trouble of shedding and leading to impressive grooming results. With regular brushing, you can remove loose hair and mats and keep your pet happy.

Pet Hair Brush Gloves Made of Safe and Effective Material

The Pet Hair Brush glove is made of BPA-free material and soft fabric. The breathable, resilient and flexible design allows pet owners and groomers to conveniently and comfortably achieve results. Because of its designed to be convenient and resilient, the Pet Hair Brush Gloves can be used whether wet or dry.

With an enhanced and fitting five-finger design, you can easily clean sensitive and hard-to-reach places. The simultaneous Two-Hands Performance design also contributes to faster and better results.


Because of its breathable and BPA-free material, the gloves are also friendly to the skin. The palm coating keeps your hand and fingernails clean.

Grooming Your Fur-baby Has Never Been More Enjoyable

Pet Hair Brush Gloves are also perfect for your pets. With its gentle design and soft brush texture, your pet will feel only satisfaction and pleasure during grooming and massaging. The scrubbing nubs provide positive and relaxing tactile stimulation to your cat, dog, or horse.  In fact, your pet will start asking for more grooming time!


Try it for yourself. Buy your own Pet Hair Brush Gloves today!


  • Two-Hands Performance for faster and better results
  • Soft brush texture designed specially for grooming
  • Made with skin-friendly BPA-free material and breathable soft fabric
  • Flexible design to reach difficult and sensitive places