Playable Retro Nintendo iPhone Case


Are you finding more ways to kill time while standing in line? iPhones used to keep us company but the battery tends to drain too fast! Worry no more, the Playable Retro Nintendo iPhone Case is the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Reminisce your childhood with 20 pre-installed retro games

Do you still remember the days when you used to fight with your siblings on who gets to play the Nintendo? With this awesome iPhone case, you now have the best of your childhood memories in the palm of your hand. You now get to play fun games like Battle City, shooting game, and Tetris just by turning over your phone.

Dual functionality at the right price

It’s not just an iPhone case by name. It is a real protective casing infused with loads of fun! It is made out of polycarbonate shell that is resistant to impact and dirt. It provides the same level of protection to your phone just like any regular casing. It doesn’t hinder full access to your device’s ports. It also doesn’t add too much weight to your phone.

Personalized designs are available to reflect the gamer in you

You can have an independent artist personalize your casing with any design you like. Bright and exciting colors are also embedded directly in the case. This brightens up your mood even before you start playing!


Hassle-free charging

Don’t worry! You don’t need to buy a special type of charger for the Playable Retro Nintendo iPhone Case. It was designed to be compatible with a Qi-standard wireless charging.



  • 20 pre-installed games that are guaranteed to entertain you
  • Made out of polycarbonate shell to protect your phone
  • Hassle-free charging
  • The weight of your phone doesn’t become bulky