Scrub Gloves

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Scrub Gloves

Many people will agree when we say that dishwashing is one of the most grueling tasks in the home. You need to carefully scrub every single plate to make sure that the dirt and grease are completely removed. By the time you’re done, your hands are already dirty and wrinkly. Fortunately, here’s something that will make this task more tolerable: scrub gloves!

Keep your hands 100% dry all the time

The gloves are durable enough to prevent water from getting your hands wet. They also have the perfect length so that water will not enter even if you dip your hands in a sink filled with water. The feeling of getting your gloves full of dirty water is just intolerable, right? The scrub gloves offer you a great solution!

They are Marigold and tough

The Marigold color of the Scrub Gloves will surely brighten up your day. They are made out of rubber material which will surely stand the test of time.

Reduce your worries about accidents and breakage

Are you always frustrated with how you keep dropping the plates you wash? Not only are you at risk of getting wounded, but this also results in wastage of money. The left piece of the Scrub Gloves contains a textured surface to ensure a strong grip while you’re cleaning. The other piece has a scourer sponge embedded in it. All you need to do is apply the dishwashing soap and you’re ready to go.

Imagine getting the benefits of a scourer sponge and gloves into one cost-effective product. This is a tool you definitely want to have in your kitchen. Go ahead and add it to your cart today!


  • Made out of durable rubber material
  • Attractive Marigold color
  • Textured surface for a strong grip
  • Embedded scourer sponge to battle tough dirt and stains